This identity has been tailored for Mr. Abdulaziz Alamdar. a multinational business man that loves to stand out, adore his family and enjoy smoking Cigars. our client wanted us to take Islamic and heritage calligraphy into a futuristic approach while maintaining simplicity, luxury and originality. the task required a lot of experimenting with fonts, typo faces and sketches over and over to create a balanced identity that answers the Kufi typo techniques and meets our client desire.

Know Your Rights Mobile App إعرفي حقوقك

ان هذا التطبيق هو ملكية خاصة للمحامية نسرين العيسى لتعرف المرأة السعودية على كامل حقوقها أمام محاكم الأحوال الشخصية، مثل قضايا الحضانة، والطلاق، والنفقة. وهذا التطبيق يعرف ويسهل للمرأة كيفية رفع الدعوى القضائية والحصول على كامل حقوقها الشرعية والنظامية. ويوجد العديد من الصفحات داخل التطبيق منها أسألي محاميه، كرتون توضيحي، ونصائح عامه.

Know Your Rights is an application created by the lawyer Nasreen Alissa. The application defines the rights of Saudi women in courts, in cases such as custody of children, divorce and financial support . The application teaches and facilitates to a woman how to file a law suit in a court room and how to claim her rights. There are many pages within the application, including ask a lawyer, cartoons, and general tips.

Joy, is wearable energy!

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